Nahed A.

We understand that when learning to drive, selecting the right instructor can be a make or break decision; this person will be guiding you through a tickey process that requires patience, determination, and excellent communication skills. So, in order to be successful, you need to find the right instructor!
Our Senior Top Professional Driving Females Instructors are without a doubt hold all the key characterstics & excellent qualities that make them bespoke & one of the best most experienced instructors you could find. They offer not only a unique and innovative approach to make each one of our students feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel at all times, but they also have remarkable communication skills that make them be capable of developing an outstanding connection with our students that brings out & unlocks our student’s best potential possible! our Instructors our gifted & talented at what they do; they obtain a peculiar & unique mindset coupled with excellent interpersonal skills that make them capable of penetrating through our students that help unleash their hidden skills in which will effectively & successfuly get them on the road to success & acquire sustainable learning skills that will truly wow them at the end of their journey.
Their passion is the success of their students and for our students to achieve and acquire their goals & dreams. Hence, they continously strive to do their absolute best to provide optimum training and lessons to get them right where they want to be on their learning journey regardless of our student’s background, language, and driving experience.
They also have compassion, lots of patience and they are happy to coach both new drivers as well as drivers who are new to Canada who need to learn about B.C driving rules and regulation and get their B.C driving license.

Nahed A.

Clover Leaf Driving Instructor

We provide driving training sessions in Port Coquitlam & Tri-cities. We offer pick and drop off service.

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