Our Driving Instructors | Clover Leaf Driving School

Our Driving Instructors | Clover Leaf Driving School

Our Driving Instructors

We understand that when learning to drive, selecting the right instructor can be a make or break decision as this person will be the one guiding you through a tricky and delicate process that requires patience, determination, and excellent communication skills. So, in order to be successful, you need to find the right instructor!


Our Top Senior Driving Instructors without a doubt, hold all the key characteristics & excellent attributes that make them one of the most experienced instructors you could find. They offer not only a unique and innovative approach to make each one of our students feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel, but they also have clear communication skills. Our Instructors are gifted and love what they do. They take the time to familiarize themselves with the students learning style and driving challenges to help them make the most out of their driving course.


Meet Nahed ! President & Owner of Clover Leaf and one of our most distinguished Driving Instructor in the business. Nahed is recognized for her impeccable and exceptional track record of carrying her new learner drivers and students under her wing all the way to the finish line.


Nahed is truly passionate about teaching/helping her students also possesses compassion and empathy for all people with different nationalities. She is dedicated to providing special care to everyone especially newcomers to Canada. Mastering the road and passing a driver’s test can be a big challenge for most students but with Nahed you can rest assured that you will be empowered behind the wheel and to pass your driver exam !


180 Happy Clients
10 Years Of Experience
3 Awards Winning
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I was a new learner for driving test. I found Clover Leaf Driving School is a professional institution for driving lessons. Highly recommend!

Jolsyn J.

Port Coquitlam in BC

Great driving training service. I am happy with her driving lesson.

Pratap D.

Tri-Cities, BC

“Very happy with the services they provide and also they offer reasonable rates.”

Gina B.

Port Coquitlam, BC