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Cloverleaf Driving Schools Port Coquitlam

Welcome to Clover Leaf Driving School one of the best driving schools in Port Coquitlam. We are a Professional Driving School offering driving lessons with the most expert and stellar driving instructors.


We continuously strive to provide our students with top-notch and high-quality driving instructions that are aimed to fulfil and achieve your every goal.


We are the top Port Coquitlam drivers’ training school in the area. We service mainly Coquitlam and Tri-Cities, BC. We also service other areas such as Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Port Moody, New Westminster, and Burnaby.


We have a unique commitment to ensuring and providing unmatched, custom-tailored driving training to our students. Our students are trained in a safe and friendly way to ensure they understand their lessons, pass their tests and become safe road drivers.


We Offer Professional Driving Lessons

Clover Leaf operates in Port Coquitlam and offers driving lessons across the Tri-Cities area. We provide professional and well-taught behind-the-wheel lessons in Port Coquitlam and surrounding areas.


Whether it’s your first time behind the wheel or you need a quick brush-up before your driving test, we cover it all for you. We produce safer and happier drivers at Cloverleaf.


Our Driving Training Courses

We provide a variety of training services including:

  • Beginner Advanced Driving Lessons
  • Brush Up packages aimed to give you a quick recap of driving fundamentals to prepare you for an upcoming test,
  • Defensive Driver Training Courses, and
  • Many other driving packages to fit your every need.


Purpose and Mission

To stand by you from beginning to end in your driving learning journey. To help you gain a lifetime’s worth of driving skills, knowledge and experience so you can become a safe, confident and capable driver!


Therefore, we speak and communicate in the most effective language to ensure each and every student reach their goals.  Whatever your driving goals may be, here at Clover Leaf Driving School we will build a comprehensive and clear success path tailored to you.


Why Cloverleaf Driving School?

Our passion is built on the success and achievements of our students! We genuinely welcome, hear, and listen to you to provide you with all the necessary tools in order for you to pass your road test.


We’re purely here for you every step of the way so you can succeed in your driving goals. All of our training car sessions are strictly followed by the ICBC and the B.C Rules of Motor Vehicle Act. We’re a state-certified driver education school that has been serving the area for some years now.


Our mission is to provide students with the knowledge, abilities, techniques, and confidence they need to become safe drivers. We have competitive rates for all of our programs.

  • New Learners Driving Lessons
  • Brush-Up Courses
  • Advanced Driving Lessons
  • ICBC Approved, Insured & Bonded
  • ICBC Certified Driving Training Instructors
  • Driving Lessons Available for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Complimentary Pickup & Drop Off Service Available
  • Top Professional Female Driving Instructors
  • Experts on Road Training Driver Instructors
  • Adequate Defensive Driving
  • Proper Vehicle Awareness
  • Shoulder Checking
  • Dealing With Traffic Jams
  • Proper Focus on Road Rules
  • Proper Turning Training
  • Deep Education on Blind Spots
  • Review of Weather Conditions
  • Proper Reading of Signs
  • Teaching on Parallel Parking, Parking Lots, and Freeway Driving

Our Features

Purchase a Gift Certificate

Want to buy a gift certificate for driving lessons for your loved one? Yes, you can buy from us.

Driving Lessons New learner to Brush-Up

Call us to book a a driving lessons. For brush up driving practices, call at 604-537-7558.

ICBC Approved Driving Training Program

We are Port Coquitlam & Tri-cities ICBC approved driving training school.

Female Certified & Licenced Driving Instructor

Professional female driving instructors in Port Coquitlam & Tri-cities.



1 on 1 New Driving Training Clover Leaf Driving School provides One on One Driving Lessons in which are available for purchase in bundles or individually.   Individual Lessons start with an evaluation session that allows us to get to know you and determine what your needs are to better assess your current requirements and put you on the right Training Program that is more suitable for you.   Bundles consist of various comprehensive pograms that are tailored to get you on



Our Driving Instructors   We understand that when learning to drive, selecting the right instructor can be a make or break decision as this person will be the one guiding you through a tricky and delicate process that requires patience, determination, and excellent communication skills. So, in order to be successful, you need to find the right instructor!   Our Top Senior Driving Instructors without a doubt, hold all the key characteristics & excellent attributes that



Dual Controlled Ultra Safe Vehicles Here at Clover Leaf we understand that Learning to drive can be a challenging process for our learner drivers especially the first time around and this is not just about the time it takes to fully get to grips, but there’s also the element of danger to consider during the learning process due to our student’s initial inxperience and nerves.   This is why all of Clover Leaf’s operated vehicles are Dual Controlled which

Our Driving Training Courses

We offer the below Packages in Port Coquitlam & all over the Tri-Cities area. If you need more information or have any questions, please call us (604) 537-7558. We will be happy to assist you!


Beginner Package (Best Seller)

Having a teen who is learning to drive can be an exciting but yet a heavy burden to parents. This is why we’ve strategized and designed this package for our young learner drivers whom are very new to driving and require extensive training! This program provides a Comprehensive Phased (Click on DETAIL for more information!)


Intermediate Package

This package is intended for learner drivers whom have some intermediate level of driving experience but still require further training! It includes a comprehensive approach of training style with unique techniques to help unlock your full potential & improve your confidence level (Click on DETAIL for more information!)


Advanced Package

This package is specifically tailored for current drivers whom already acquire an upper level of driving experience but need specific prerequiste training to improve and enhance their driving skills to adequately get them to (Click on DETAIL for more information!)


New Immigrants Package (Best Seller)

We want to help our community by welcoming all new immigrants of Canada! We have designed this package for our new immigrants and any person new to Canada. This package delivers a Comprehensive Phased Approach of training style that is intended for learner drivers whom have some intermediate level of driving experience and/or completely new to driving in which this package includes a complementary (Click on DETAIL for more information!)


Parents/Child Training Package

At Clover Leaf, we also offer individual lessons to suit your convenience! With our one on one driving session we focus on you closely to help you attain and develop all the necessary skills needed to make ICBC road test successful from the first try. 1 Lesson 1 Hour Each Lesson Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service Available $70 per Lesson


Brush Up Lessons

We offer customized Brush-Ups and Tune-Ups sessions tailored for those experienced drivers that need a lesson or two either as a prerequisite or just to improve and enhance their driving skills, get a general feel and a refresher of B.C Driving Rules and Guidlines, etc. Our instructors will also assist you to recognize your weaknesses and provide (Click on DETAIL for more information!)


Road Test 1 Package

We’re happy to offer you a Road Test package that includes the following: 60 Minute Practice Before the Road Test Clover Leaf Vehicle for Your Road Test! Includes Drop-Off and Pick-Up Services


Road Test 2 Package

We’re happy to offer you a Road Test package that includes the following:90 Minute Practice Before the Road Test Clover Leaf Vehicle for Your Road Test! Includes Drop-Off and Pick-Up Services


Car Rental Package

This package includes: $ 110.00 Car Rental available for our students Includes Drop-Off and Pick-Up Service Only within 20 KM (extra feels apply) Ready and Clean Vehicle for your Road Test


I was a new learner for driving test. I found Clover Leaf Driving School is a professional institution for driving lessons. Highly recommend!

Jolsyn J. Port Coquitlam in BC

Great driving training service. I am happy with her driving lesson.

Pratap D. Tri-Cities, BC

“Very happy with the services they provide and also they offer reasonable rates.”

Gina B. Port Coquitlam, BC

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